As with most acupuncturists who have completed a 3 yr, initial training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I consider myself able to help with various medical conditions. However, I specialise in musculo-skeletal conditions, for which I generally prefer to use a combination of Tui Na massage and acupuncture. Both are highly effective, individually, but used together can often achieve spectacular results. 

I graduated with a BSc. (Hons) in Acupuncture and a Licentiate Diploma in Tui Na Massage from the London College of Traditional Acupuncture (LCTA) where I was originally trained in TCM, which is what is generally thought of as Chinese style acupuncture. I also taught Medical Qigong on their Tui Na course from 2005 and acted as clinical supervisor in the student Tui Na clinic until the college closed in October 2010. I practised at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Contemporary Dance from 2010 -2023.

I have studied Tai Chi Quan and Qigong with various teachers in the UK since 1989. In 2011, I travelled to Beijing, China, to complete further training at the Beijing Tui Na Massage Hospital with with Dr. Xue Nan and undertook a clinical placement in acupuncture and Channel palpation with Professor Wang Ju Yi. I also attended further seminars with Dr Wang, in Dublin, in 2012. Since then, I have completed a 2 yr programme of acupuncture training in Classical Chinese medicine taken from the Yin Style Bagua tradition with  Andrew Nugent Head, in London. Also, advanced courses with Dr. Tan in Balance Method, a modern interpretation of Classical techniques. Finally, Tung Style acupuncture with Susan Johnson and Dr. Henry McCann, which is what I now use almost exclusively.

Tung style acupuncture is a pre-TCM approach, which was only handed down as a family lineage tradition, until its most famous exponent, Master Tung Ching Chang began to teach the style openly in 1968. It has many unique acupuncture points & is now becoming popular, due to its extreme effectiveness.

I also practise Jing Fang Classical Chinese Herbal medicine, as taught by Dr. Feng Shi Lun & Dr. Suzanne Robidoux. I completed a clinical internship with them, in Beijing, in July 2016 and have also completed a 3yr clinical apprenticeship in Jing Fang herbal medicine diagnosis at the Cholsey Complentary Health Centre with Fran Turner.