Acupressure Massage (Tui Na)

Tui Na is the acupressure massage therapy of Chinese medicine. It uses exactly the same diagnostic principles and theory as acupuncture (TCM), and treatments can vary between a subtle approach (Yin style) that focuses on point stimulation (useful for people who are needle phobic) and a stronger, deep tissue type massage (Yang style).

Usually, a combination of both styles is used.

Rolling (Gun Fa) & Suppressing (An Fa)


For many of the musculoskeletal conditions I treat, my preference is to combine Tui Na with acupuncture, as I have found this approach to be very successful. However, Tui Na is a highly effective stand alone therapy.

As with  acupuncture, adjunctive therapies such as cupping, Gua Sha & moxibustion are often used alongside the various manual techniques of Tui Na, of which there are approximately 30 different types.

Channel Palpation Diagnosis (Tui Fa – Pushing)                    One Finger Meditation (Yi Zhi Chan Tui Fa)


In addition, I use various external herbal preparations, such as liniments, poultices & herbal plasters, which patients can apply between sessions to enhance the effects of treatment – many of which I make myself using traditional Chinese herbal formulas.

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